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Criminal law

We appreciate that being accused of or charged with a criminal offence is a very stressful and often frightening experience.

As your legal representatives at the Police Station, Magistrates Court or Crown Court it is our commitment to you to provide the very best in legal advice, representation and advocacy.

In Criminal cases our advice will be based upon your instructions and our expert evaluation of the evidence against you. The action to be taken in respect of your case wil be agreed with you.

You are at the centre of your case and are the focus of it.

Your personal circumstances will be dealt with in a sensitive way and all matters relating to your case will be taken into account by us when we give our advice.

Criminal defence work is a specialised area of legal practice and for good reason. The effects of convictions can be far reaching and potentially life changing, from losing your driving licence to losing your liberty.

Our dedicated team will work on your behalf utilising all of their experience to achieve the best outcome thay can in respect of your case.

At Coulson Read Lewis we are fortunate enough to be able to offer you in house legal representation throughout all stages of the Criminal Justice System from the Police Station to trial by jury before the Crown Court. This service means we are accessible to you at all times in respect of all classes of offences from motoring offences to serious crime.

We offer a 24/7 365 day a year on call service for representation at the Police Station free of charge. The importance of being represented by a lawyer in police interview cannot be over-estimated, cases are won and lost depending upon how police interviews are dealt with. Don't leave it to chance. We can be with you within 45 minutes of any Police Station in Herefordshire.

The out of hours number is 01432 357005

The Team

Mark Thompson - Barrister and Head of the Crown Court Department
Matthew Lewis - Solicitor and Head of the Magistrates Court Department
Christopher Read - Solicitor and Head of the Police Station Department
Emma Prosser - Solicitor
Emily Gourley - Solicitor

Rosslyn Caldicott - Solicitor
Clare Corbett - Litigator and Accreditted Police Station Representative
Jade Latham - Solicitor and Police Station Representative
Olivia Benner - Solicitor and Police Station Representative
Bethany Harris - Trainee Solicitor

We offer a free 30 minute consultation in respect of all of the services we offer